Davin Yost

Owner & Locksmith
Solomon’s Key Locksmithing

Davin Yost, with Solomons Key Locksmithing.
Davin is a locksmith and started picking locks in 2015!  His favorite thing about the industry is helping people in a time of need. He does lock swaps, and reset… car and home lockouts, among many other services!  Davin has been a member of Sioux Falls Referrals Group since April 2023 and his favorite aspect of the Sioux Falls Referrals Group is the people in it. Everyone in the group is eager to help enrich the lives of the people around them.

Shayne Maker

Insurance Agent

Shayne has been in the insurance industry for 20 years. I pride myself on providing high-quality client service. I make sure to provide you with the best coverage that fits the needs of each individual person or family. I grew up in Chatfield MN, and I had the privilege to play college football at the University of South Dakota., where I received my degree in education.